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After two successful quantum hiking conferences, we are now organizing QSAIL23, the 1st quantum sailing conference !

We will be discussing physics while sailing around Isola D’Elba, the largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago, and lounge in beautiful coves under amazing night skies. No previous sailing experience is required, as expert skippers will be with us. We will be sleeping in shared accommodations on rocking boats, so spirit of adaptation and resilience to sea sickness (or the willingness to down Xamamina pills) is an absolute requirement. Participants must be willing to challenge themselves physically and mentally. A list of suggested gear can be found here. Looking forward to set sail,

Sabrina Maniscalco, Paola Verrucchi and Lorenzo Maccone,

Almost all local expenses will be covered by our sponsor

Boats will be provided by

Program, How to arrive, Daily routine, Suggested gear, Participants, Pictures

Lupo (Comet 910 – Van de Stadt) sailing north of Portoferraio, between Forte Stella and Fortezze Medicee (reinassance fortresses)
Portoferraio from Forte Falcone (another reinassance fortress)