Logistics: how to arrive

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save it as a PDF, and

send the pdf-file to charterbasis@buechi-yachting.com , cc: verrucchi@fi.infn.it

by next Friday (the 12th). If you do not know the name of the boat where you will be staying, yet, just write “ask Paola” (we will send this info in the next few days but send the form as soon as you can fill all the
other fields).

We expect you to be in Portoferraio, the main village in Isola d’Elba, by the evening of Sunday, May 14. Some boats will be available from the day before, Saturday, May 13: if you plan to arrive on the Saturday let us (the organizers) know asap.

We will be back in Portoferraio on the evening of Friday 19, and you can leave at any time on Saturday 20. Some boats will be available until the day after, Sunday May 20: if you plan to leave on the Sunday, let us (the organizers) know asap.

The trip by public transport to get to Isola d’Elba is made of three legs:

  1. from Pisa or Roma to Campiglia Marittima : trains run regularly from Pisa Stazione Centrale or Roma Termini towards Campiglia Marittima. More info on this first leg below.
  2. from Campiglia Marittima (aka Campiglia Stazione) to Piombino Marittima (aka Piombino Porto). You can travel either by bus or by train. Buses leave from the square in front of Campiglia Marittima train station (exit the station, turn on the right, and you’ll see the bus stop) and are more frequent: use the official travel planner with “Departure: Campiglia Stazione” and “Arrival: Piombino Marittima”, and carefully indicate the date of your trip (timetables change significantly from day to day). If, instead, you take the train, be aware that there are two stops in Piombino and you should get off at the last stop. Both buses and trains leave you at the port and you can walk to the ferry terminal. Ferry is “Traghetto” in Italian.
  3. from Piombino Marittima to Portoferraio (by ferry): participants have a 20% discount on Moby Lines and Toremar shipping companies. We’ll send you the voucher. Once in Portoferraio, we will be picking you up at the ferry, or you can walk to Buechi Yachting (2 Km on foot).

More info on the first leg:

Flying into Pisa, take the airport shuttle (PISAMOVER Airport) to the “Pisa Centrale” train station, then take a train to Campiglia Marittima (about 1 hour). Train schedules, prices and advanced tickets are on trenitalia.com. On this site you have to select the origin and the destination names from the suggested ones, if you just type the names, it won’t work (the crappiest website on the internet). The origin name is “Pisa Centrale”, the destination “Campiglia Marittima”. Alternatively, if the schedule allows it, you can take the train directly to “Piombino Marittima” (note that in most cases you need to change trains in Campiglia Marittima).

If you want to see the leaning tower while in Pisa, just take the “LAM ROSSA” bus from the train station heading toward “Park Pietrasantina”. Get off at the “torre” stop (you’ll know: all tourists get off there). Please buy a ticket for a couple of euros at a newsstand before boarding the bus (it’s the only city bus in Italy where they regularly check tickets, especially if you look like a tourist trying to catch a glimpse of the tower without paying a ticket). Take the “LAM ROSSA” bus in the opposite direction back to the train station. You can also walk (2.2Km) to the tower and back, which is much nicer than the route taken by the bus.

  • Alternative 1

Fly into Roma. Take the train to Campiglia Marittima directly from the airport (use “Fiumicino aereoporto” as origin train station) or from any other train station in Roma: follow the instructions given above to know how to use trenitalia.com. It takes about 2-3 hours from the main train station “Roma Termini” to Campiglia, so Pisa is better.

  • Alternative 2

Fly into Florence. Take the tram T2 (exit the airport and you will find it on your left) towards the city center (that is the only possible direction, so you cannot get it wrong). Get off the tram at the stop “Alamanni”, which is just in front of the stairs leading to the main station, Firenze Santa Maria Novella. Take a train to Campiglia Marittima: follow the instructions given above to know how. Use “Firenze Santa Maria Novella” as origin train station. The train from Florence to Campiglia takes longer (2-3 hours), so Pisa is better.

  • Alternative 3

Fly directly into Elba. There are flights from Pisa or Firenze to Marina di Campo, which is the airport of Isola d’Elba. The flights are operated by Silverair, they take ~50 minutes and cost around 120euros one-way . Check the timetable proper to dates of your trip (they change significantly depending on the time of the year). The airport is ~20minutes from Portoferraio and is served by taxis. However, if you plan to fly to Elba, let us (the organizer) know, and we will pick you up at the airport.

  • Getting back

Just reverse the above instructions!

More info here.